The UK and Republic of Ireland bid to host the European championships in 2028

By James Fletcher

Football is set to be making its way home after numerous countries pulled their bids to host the competition.

Among these nations that have already pulled out of the running to host, the competition in 2028 is the winners of the last tournament. Italy came out and spoke of their desire to host the competition in 2032 after the country’s Footballing body spoke about their desire to give current stadiums significant upgrades, which couldn’t be achieved in this time frame.

Russia has not pulled their bid, but due to their political involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, both UEFA and FIFA have said that they will not be able to perform on any level of the footballing stage. This also applies to the club level as well.

Portugal and Spain proposed a joint bid to host the Euros, but not long ago they too pulled their interest in hosting this competition, as they see hosting the 2030 world cup as a more promising prospect for them.

Turkey is yet to pull out of the running but their previous attempts to host a major tournament were shunned in the past. They will likely do the same here, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Turkey’s bid remains.

Finally, we have 6 of the Nordic countries all coming together to host the tournament, they have expressed their desire to host the tournament. And remain a strong contender to host the tournament.

But the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland looks to be the strongest choice, after the FA pulled out of their bid to host the World Cup in 2030 the FA came out and said that they see hosting the Euros less cost-effective as hosting the World Cup.

They said in a statement that hosting the Euros will cost less but has significant financial rewards just as much as the World Cup and they can implement those rewards through the different footballing leagues.

So could football be coming home after all? Well the UK and Ireland’s bid is the strongest and the final decision isn’t set to be made by 2023, UEFA has come out and stated that they might fast track the process if they don’t see any real competition from other countries to host the competition.

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