Ant and Dec prank Jeremy Clarkson in new Saturday Night Takeaway

By Amelia Riley

During Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Takeaway, Ant and Dec pranked Top Gear and Clarkson’s Farm star, Jeremy Clarkson.

On Saturday 19th February, Ant and Dec were back with a brand new series of Saturday Night Takeaway, filmed in front of a live audience for the first time in two years.

In one of their most “nerve-racking” undercovers, Ant and Dec visited the Diddly Squat Farm featured in Clarkson’s Farm, to protest with fake environmentalists for the rights of soil.

They started by getting groundskeeper, Donald, to call Jeremy and tell him he has seen some protesters outside the farm shop. After taking the bait, Jeremy makes his way to the site with his girlfriend, Lisa, filming.

When he arrives he talks to the “protester leader” who tells him that soil feels pain, whilst Dec (disguised in makeup) shouts at him through a megaphone, and another protester handcuffs himself to Jeremy’s car.

Eventually, actors playing the police arrive and question Jeremy on what has happened. Then, Ant (also disguised in makeup) joins the protests with the “activists radical branch”.

To tip Jeremy over the edge, Ant gets into a bulldozer and dumps soil on to Jeremy’s car. The “police” arrest Ant and Dec for criminal damage, as well as Jeremy for breach of peace.

“Good luck with that,” he responds, before swearing at the fake police officers.

Just before it gets any further, Ant and Dec reveal themselves and Jeremy breaks into a smile.

“That was very good,” he says. “I should have known something was wrong when you got up early this morning,” he adds to his girlfriend.

In the interview after the clip was shown, Jeremy comically mentioned that he was used to protesters and laughed at the fact the fake police turned up in stab vests.

Clarkson’s Farm is due to return with a second season.

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