RSPCA and the general public call for Kurt Zouma to be prosecuted after the heinous attack on his pet cat, as the petition reaches over 150k signatures

By James Fletcher

Fans booed Kurt Zouma as he was picked to play in a match against Watford after a YouTube video emerged of him abusing his pet cat in front of his children, while his brother filmed the incident, laughing in the background.

Ever since the incident, people took to Twitter to share their disgust of Zouma and the RSPCA called for the police to prosecute the French international for this animal cruelty.

They were reported in saying: “Get footballer Kurt Zouma prosecuted and restrict him from keeping animals.”

It is against the law in the UK for cruelty towards animals and carries a prison sentence of a maximum of 5 years, as people are worried that if Zouma gets away with this, it will lead to others seeing animal cruelty as entertainment and not a serious incident.

Kurt Zouma is still yet to make a statement about the incident, but his manager David Moyes defends his decision to start him against Watford, as an animal lover himself he condemns his actions and is quoted in expressing his disappointment of the defender.

The video is still making its rounds on YouTube and has been shared numerous times through the social media network but has a sensitive content warning before showing the rest of the video.

The petition on has now reached 164 thousand signatures and still rising as they intend the reach their target of 200,000 signatures.

The RSPCA have now confirmed that an investigation into the viral video and the cats have been placed in protective care away from the footballer. They released a statement reassuring people that they were investigating since the release of the video but have to go through the proper legal process to see that the cats receive justice.

Do you think Kurt Zouma should be prosecuted for his actions towards animals?

The petition: Petition · Prosecute Kurt Zouma & remove all his animals to a place of safety immediately! ·

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