Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

By Amelia Riley

After the cliffhanger ending to Spider-Man: Far From Home, with Spider-Man’s identity revealed, many have been anticipatingly wondering what will happen in the next Tom Holland superhero movie. Released on 15th December, many fans flooded into the cinemas to watch the long-awaited movie. Beware of spoilers ahead, read at your own risk!

The movie began with the events of the aftermath of Spider-Man’s identity reveal; Peter Parker and those who were close to him were questioned, and their lives were changed. Although the charges were dropped, Peter still had to endure the fact that his best friend, Ned, and his girlfriend, MJ, were deprived of the opportunity to get into college, as was he, due to the affairs surrounding him.

With this in mind, Peter approached Dr. Strange with the idea of going back in time to reverse Mysterio’s actions, however, Dr. Strange reminded Peter that he was no longer in possession of the time stone. Instead, he offered a plan to make the whole world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, but when Peter realised that his Aunt May, Ned and MJ would forget too, he unintentionally started to tamper with the spell.

The effects of this caused people from all universes who knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man to fall through into their universe. Including the villains.

Peter tried to earn the chance to get him and his friends into college by approaching the Assistant Vice Chancellor whilst she was on her way to the airport. Meeting her on the bridge, this is also where Peter met the first multiverse villain: Dr. Otto Octavius.

Naturally, Spider-Man fought Doc Ock, who of course thought he was the Peter of his universe. As Doc Ock removed Spider-Man’s mask and realised he was not the Peter Parker he knew, he also came to the realisation that his suit was made out of nanotech and transferred it into his tentacles. However, this was a mistake as Peter then had control of them and stopped him from attacking any more people. When Peter saved the Assistant Vice Chancellor of MIT, she told him she will talk to admissions about getting him and his friends in because he is a hero. But the fight wasn’t over, as Green Goblin showed up.

As quickly as he showed up, Peter and Doc Ock disappeared, appearing in front of Dr. Strange, with Doc Ock locked up next to The Lizard. Dr. Strange explained the whole ordeal to Peter, and said that he needs to find the rest of the villains, providing him with a device to do so. One by one, with the help of MJ and Ned, Peter found and trapped each villain: Electro, Sandman, and Green Goblin.

Dr. Strange explained that he contained the original spell and could send the villains back to their universes. However, after a conversation with Aunt May, Peter decided he wanted to save the villains instead of sending them back to die. Whilst Dr. Strange objected, they engaged in a thrilling fight over the boxed spell, entering the mirror dimension where Peter trapped Dr. Strange there, taking his ring and giving it to Ned.

He told the villains he wanted to cure them and stop what happened to them from happening. Passing on the spell to MJ, she said that if anything went wrong, she would send them all back to their universes. With all on board, MJ and Ned went home whilst Peter took the villains to Happy’s place (where he and Aunt May had been staying under protection) to conduct experiments and make them whole again. His first success, with the help of Dr. Norman Osborn: Doc Ock finally gained control of his tentacles, rather than them controlling him. Now with all the villains’ trust, each one allowed him to try and fix them, but before he could, Green Goblin took over Dr. Osborn and made the villains realise that what they have is a gift, not something to be cured.

Aunt May grabbed Green Goblin’s cure and ran down the stairs to the building entrance whilst Spider-Man found himself involved in a brutal fight against all the villains, until he ended up in the entrance with Green Goblin and Aunt May. As Aunt May tried to inject the cure into Green Goblin, it didn’t work and he called for his glider, which hit Aunt May to the ground before he took off.

Peter ran over to Aunt May to help her up, and apologised for getting her involved. This was the moment she said the iconic line: “with great power… comes great responsibility”, but any joy felt at that moment was soon ripped away as she fell to the floor, repeating that she needed to take a breath. Peter realised what was happening when his hands became covered in her blood and he told her everything would be alright whilst he broke into tears, as did the entire cinema, when we witnessed the heart-wrenching death of Aunt May.

Cutting to Ned and MJ waiting to hear from Peter, their eyes fixed on the TV screen flickering with the news, Ned said he wished they could see Peter, whilst he waved his hands around. Wearing Dr. Strange’s rings, a flicker of magic appeared in front of them and they both stopped. Trying it over and over, Ned finally achieved his wish. As Ned opened two portals, one after the other, with the words “I wish we could see Peter Parker”, the film took a whole new, exciting turn

With one line, the cinema fell into pleasantly-surprised silence. The moment I had waited for, from being a little girl who carried around a Spider-Man toy she called “Pidey-Man” because she couldn’t quite pronounce the name yet; a little girl who watched Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man almost on a weekly schedule with her family; a little girl who grew up to fall in love with the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, and more so with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This was the moment I, and so many others, had longed for: when all three wonderfully-acted variations of my all-time favourite character teamed up to cure the villains of their universes.

Peter met the other two Spider-Mans who explained that they have been through the same: with Gwen and Uncle Ben, and that revenge doesn’t make anything better. Not wanting him to turn down a dark corner like they did, they agreed to help him find cures for each villain.

This mesmerising team become the comedic gold of the film as they discussed their experiences as Spider-Man. With the cures ready, they lured the villains to the Statue of Liberty with the spell. When the first appeared, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man threw the spell through a portal to MJ and Ned. However, not all went to plan as they struggled to close the portal and the Spider-Mans struggled to work as a team.

Holland’s Peter explained that he was part of the Avengers and helped them figure out a way to work as a team. Unfortunately, The Lizard got through the portal, chasing MJ and Ned for the spell until they were forced to run out to the fight scene. But MJ was suddenly pushed off the scaffolding and she fell, her eyes searching for Peter to save her. Holland’s Spider-Man jumped after her and reached for her hand, but just as he was about to grab her, Green Goblin took him and left her to fall to her death.

In an emotional twist, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man jumped off the scaffolding without hesitation, grabbing MJ and returning her safely to the ground. For anyone who watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this small moment of rescue pulled on your heartstrings as you saw the relieved glee fill Garfield’s Spider-Man’s face. He may have lost Gwen but he saved MJ, who was the equivalent to a fellow Spider-Man.

One by one, the Spider-Mans cured each villain and with just Green Goblin left, it seemed Holland’s Spider-Man would go down a dark road. Attacking him, hitting him again and again as he mourned Aunt May, Holland’s Peter was on the verge of killing this villain. Seeing the destruction he was about to cause, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man stood before Green Goblin, stopping Holland’s Spider-Man from attacking him any further. But in a swift moment, Green Goblin stabbed Maguire’s Spider-Man and Garfield’s Spider-Man threw the cure to Holland, who managed to save Green Goblin.

But that wasn’t the end of it, for the multiverse began to open up and Dr. Strange, now escaped from the mirror dimension, was unsuccessfully piecing it back together. When Holland’s Spider-Man realised what had to be done, he told Dr. Strange that it was okay, and it was the only thing they could do. Everyone had to forget him.

In the final moments before he would be forgotten, Holland’s Peter told the other two Spider-Mans that they were going home and in an exhilarating moment for all Spider-Man fans, the three of them engaged in a fond group hug.

Peter then went to Ned and MJ and told them what was going to happen, that they would forget who he is, but he would find them and explain everything. In an emotional last moment, MJ told Peter that she loved him and before he could say it back fully, she told him to wait until he found her again.

As Dr. Strange’s spell was complete, Maguire and Garfield’s Spider-Mans disappeared, along with the villains of their universes and the memory of Holland’s Peter Parker. With the satisfying knowledge that the villains were saved and got their happy endings, it was just an anticipating moment before we saw Peter walking into MJ’s place of work to re-introduce himself to her and Ned.

Except, he didn’t. He saw that they had a life without people knowing they knew Spider-Man and he didn’t want to mess it up. So he left. And Spider-Man’s story began again, with a clean slate because nobody knew who Peter Parker was.

With impeccable acting, a thrilling cast, comedic moments and heart-breaking scenes, this was by far the greatest Spider-Man movie to date. The introduction of the multiverse beautifully brought back the beloved characters of the previous films and allowed us the opportunity to see all three Spider-Mans in action as a team to save the villains.

An emotional soundtrack added and delightful costumes, the whole ensemble of the movie brought such jubilation to fans that will leave them watching it over and over, just as I have with all versions of the story. Spider-Man is well and truly a magnificent story told by amazing actors, writers, producers, directors and many more. There aren’t enough words to express the appreciation the entire cast and crew will receive for this triumph.

Wonderfully aesthetic sets and lighting brought the whole movie together and enticed its audience for its two and half hour runtime. The detail that has been thought out throughout the movie and put in place to bring this epic story together was projected beautifully and no doubt goes without admiration. Spider-Man: No Way Home is truly a masterpiece.

And let’s not forget about the end-credits scenes! The first one was a continuation from the end-credit scene in Venom 2, when Eddie was transferred into Holland’s Spider-Man’s universe. Now, we saw Eddie figuring out the logistics of the new universe before he is pulled back to his own. But he doesn’t take everything with him, as a little bit of Venom is left behind. Perhaps this hints at the idea of a Spider-Man / Venom interaction, but we can presume for definite that there will be a version of Venom in Holland’s Spider-Man’s universe.

The second end-credits scene was more of a trailer for the upcoming movie: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We saw him approach Wanda, who starts to discuss the events of Westview before Dr. Strange explains that he wants to talk about the multiverse instead. Just from this glimpse with Wanda’s explanation of Westview, which occurred in the TV show Wandavision, we can presume that the TV shows are going to play a larger role in the upcoming movies. This was further evidenced by the appearance of Dr. Strange’s evil counterpart, Strange Supreme, who made his first appearance in the TV show, What If.

All in all, we can expect to see these characters again very soon, with more exploration of the multiverse.

The multiverse will return.

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