Insulate Britain: It’s time to block this chaos-causing cult from inflicting anymore damage to our lives

By Jake Shanahan

If lockdowns and Covid restrictions hadn’t made our lives difficult enough over the last 18 months, a bunch of delusional activists gluing themselves to the roads just about takes the biscuit.

It sounds comical to say this, but sadly it’s a reality that M25 travellers are facing; a short trip to work turns into an all-day slog, filled with rage and frustration, as most drivers resist the undoubtedly overwhelming urge to jump out of their vehicles and man handle these people off the road themselves.

I say ‘most’, because several innocent road users have been seen using physical force on the disruptive protesters, with one car even attempting to drive into a portion of them, and it’s hard for me to condemn it, seeing as Insulate Britain’s protests paralysed a stroke victim, delaying their route to hospital with their usual evil acts of lunacy.

But the most stomach-turning bit of this is their defence – there are dozens of shocking media interviews on the internet, with the group almost acting as if the everyday, working-class commuter doesn’t matter because their cause holds more weight, yet they claim the intended outcome of their actions is to help the poor, which just adds even more evidence to the widely thought claim that this group of people’s mantras are completely and utterly nonsensical.

The question everyone has is: what is the point of all of this? I think most Britons agree that homes are much better off with insulation than without, but their tactics are unbelievably absurd; go and protest outside the houses of parliament if you’re so stubborn to your cause, you know, actually try and disrupt the people in power, but no, they decide to ruin everyone’s lives when the government will quite clearly fail to surrender to them.

And the reason they won’t relent is because their claims are grossly misinformed; Insulate Britain will try and tell you eight thousand people die every year due to lack of insulation, when the reality is, they die because they can’t afford to eat or heat their homes – how are we unintentionally allowing a group of liars to have so much power?

The truth is – it’s criminal. If those protesters were all young men wearing football shirts and Stone Island jackets, the police would have weapons out in seconds and they’d be beaten off the road, but because they’re somewhat typical looking middle aged people (mostly), they get the ‘softly softly’ approach, when these people should be subjected to severe action to stop them from reappearing – they do not run our country. Priti Patel has to do more.

The media needs to stop giving them so much limelight too; we’ve seen countless activist appearances on TV and radio by now, and most of them just end up with the person storming off in Piers Morgan esque or resorting to politicians’ answers and anger, as they easily get torn apart by even the most novice of interviewer – all you need are a few facts and you’ve made them look totally stupid, but they just won’t accept it.

We know what makes them tick and we know they’re incapable of answering a question. Stop allowing them airtime.

There are clearly ways to stop Insulate Britain and they can be implemented very easily, but the bubble-living Tory government just don’t seem to care enough about the every day citizen, and they better do soon, or else it won’t be long before we see a tragic road death as a result of this mob.

It’s time to get these anarchists off our roads for good.

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