Grey’s Anatomy S5.E3 ‘Here comes the Flood’

By Melissa-Jane Binns

For someone who has never seen a show with 17 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy seems like a program you would want to avoid but it is such a heart-warming emotional show that once you start there is no stopping all thanks to Disney+.

On October 9th 2008, the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, aired its season 5 episode 3, ‘Here comes the Flood’. “When a plumbing leak becomes a flood, causing chaos at Seattle Grace; the chief tries to implement new teaching policies; George tries to take his residency exam again; Derek hopes to move Meredith’s roommates out of her house.”

Opening the program with a voice over by Meredith gives the program a personal feel and makes you feel as if she is talking to you directly when really, it’s the thoughts in her head that are talking. Starting with Meredith in therapy, although she doesn’t want to carry on with therapy because her and the beautiful McDreamy, Derek Shepard, are moving in together but her therapist doesn’t think she is ready to finish yet.

McDreamy wants Meredith to ask Izzie and Alex to move out but she doesn’t know if that is what she wants so he goes to Cristina for her opinion and uses a surgery to get the answer that he wants which doesn’t sit right with Cristina or Meredith.

Richard Webber, the chief of surgery, is changing rules around the hospital to improve the level of teaching and experience that the residents and interns get while at Seattle Grace, and after having to redo his internship, George O’Malley, while trying to redo his end of year test paper, the ceiling in one of the conference rooms is leaking from a broken pipe, trying to find a new room seems to become impossible because of this pipe covering the whole of the surgical ward.

While Alex and Dr Hahn are on surgery the ceiling starts to drip water onto an open body and within seconds the ceiling falls on top of Alex and Hahn because they try their best to stop anything getting into the body. McDreamy and McSteamy both come running to the rescue before going into their surgery to help remove the ceiling from a patient’s stomach which then leads to them finding a tumour that they didn’t know was there, saving the patient’s life. O’Malley finally gets to do his test and the chief sits with him for 3 hours so that he can do it.

The question now is what happens to the surgical ward; how long is it going to be out for and how is this going to affect the rating of the hospital? What is going to happen to Izzie and Alex; are they going to find a new place or stay with Meredith and Derek? What is going to happen to Derek and Meredith?

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